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Title: US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer

Company: US Navy NRS Willingboro

Location: Willingboro

When lives are on the line, Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers (AIRRs) are exceptionally adept at answering the call. These brave men and women embody the courage of America’s Navy – readily going into harm’s way to complete their rescue missions in some of the most extreme environments imaginable. As part of the most elite helicopter emergency response team in the world, you’ll be tasked with saving the lives of people caught in the waves. Living by the motto, “So others may live,” rescue swimmers put their skills to the test for others each time they leap into the sea.

This job requires military service with a contract for enlistment or commission. This is not an application to a specific position within the military. This job is only an example of a position that you could be placed in after taking a job placement exam.
Enlistment entails that you speak to a recruiter, take a job placement exam, complete a physical exam, choose from the career options that are presented to you, sign a career contract, take the oath of enlistment, and attend boot camp.

Aviation Rescue Swimmers are tasked with entering treacherous conditions to assist with rescue missions, humanitarian assistance, and operational support. One day you may be evacuating families on the other side of the globe amidst a catastrophic storm, and the next day rescuing the crew of a ship off the Pacific coast or saving a mountain climber hanging from an inaccessible cliff.

Depending on your role, duties may include:

Coordinating with pilots as an Aircrewman aboard helicopters

Saving the crew of downed aircraft, people aboard stranded or capsized vessels at sea, or hikers and mountain climbers in danger

Rescuing civilians during natural disasters in collaboration with other forces such as the Coast Guard

Delivering aid and supplies to other countries in humanitarian operations

Providing support to Naval Special Warfare Operations

Conducting surveillance in anti-submarine warfare and drug interdiction operations

Operate radar, Forward Looking Infrared sensors, missile systems and door guns in anti-surface operations

Transporting troops and cargo to and from ships

In this role, you will specialize as a Naval Aircrewman Helicopter (AWS) or a Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter (AWR).

Naval Aircrewman Helicopter (AWS)

AWS’s operate various aircraft systems to support a range of mission types including:

Surface Warfare

Search and Rescue

Combat Search and Rescue

Naval Special Warfare

Airborne Mine Countermeasure


Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter (AWR)

AWR’s operate various aircraft systems to support a range of mission types including:


Recon & Intelligence

Anti-Surface Ship

Search and Rescue

Combat Search and Rescue

Naval Special Warfare Fire Support

Aviation Rescue Swimmers must be prepared to operate in any challenging environment. It’s why two years of training in advanced swimming and lifesaving techniques, helicopter mission equipment and helicopter weapons systems are required before you report to your first squadron. Throughout training, candidates are continually tested mentally and physically as they advance to more rigorous and challenging scenarios.

Upon completion of the initial 7-9 week training at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes (known as Boot Camp), those pursuing an Aircrewman role undergo the following training pipeline:…

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