US Navy Aircrewman Avionics Jobs in Willingboro at US Navy NRS Willingboro

Title: US Navy Aircrewman Avionics

Company: US Navy NRS Willingboro

Location: Willingboro

Few know what mystery lies in the depths of the sea—you can be one of them as a Naval Aircrewman Avionics (AWV).

As an AWV, you’ll use advanced sonar technology to detect, analyze and classify submarines. You’ll also fly with a fixed wing integrated tactical aircrew while operating aerial photographic equipment to uncover what threats lurk in the deep. Then, you’ll communicate your findings with larger teams, including joint special warfare operations where you could potentially conduct weapons delivery in support of their tactical missions.

Though you’ll perform in-flight and ground duties, you’re not just a tech working on a military aircraft. As an AWV, you’re our eyes in the sky.

This job requires military service with a contract for enlistment or commission. This is not an application to a specific position within the military. This job is only an example of a position that you could be placed in after taking a job placement exam.
Enlistment entails that you speak to a recruiter, take a job placement exam, complete a physical exam, choose from the career options that are presented to you, sign a career contract, take the oath of enlistment, and attend boot camp

Naval Aircrewmen Avionics (AWV) detect, analyze, classify and track sub-surface contacts perform sonar and sonobuoy operations and help coordinate tactical communications relay conduct weapons delivery in support of tactical missions. On any given day, they may:

Perform primary in-flight and ground duties as aircraft in-flight technicians

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) specialists, and airborne communicators who maintain and operate aircraft systems

Pilot and maintain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Operate aerial photographic equipment

Perform aircrew administration, flight and ground training, ordnance handling duties, joint special warfare operations and Communications Material

Work Environment
There’s no limit to where you can go in the Navy. And Aircrewmen especially may be assigned to sea or shore squadrons in any part of the world. They work in airborne aircraft, hangars, on flight decks or on flight lines at air stations, so you’ll need to be prepared to be around a high level of noise and action.

Training & Advancement

Upon completion of the initial 7-9 week training at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, (known as Boot Camp), those pursuing a Naval Aircrewmen Avionics role report to Naval Aircrewmen Crew Candidate School and AWV Class “A” Technical School in Pensacola, FL, where they receive 19 weeks of formal Navy technical training. Here, they develop a working knowledge of water and land survival and flight safety as well as basic aviation theory and skills required for the specialized AWV rating.

The applicant must meet the following minimum physical fitness requirements to graduate from Naval Aircrewmen Crew Candidate School:

Intense daily calisthenics

Pass the PRT with a “good-medium” for their sex and age in all categories to include sit-ups, pushups and 1.5 mile run (proper Navy form is stressed)

Swim one mile in flight suit in 80 minutes or less

Swim 75 yards in full flight gear (backstroke, sidestroke and breaststroke for 25 yards each)

In full flight gear, tread water for two minutes, followed immediately by three minutes of drown-proofing, followed by five minutes of floating with a life preserver

Jump from a 12-foot tower and swim 15 yards …

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