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Title: US Navy Air Traffic Controller

Company: US Navy NRS Willingboro

Location: Willingboro

Commercial airlines aren’t the only ones who need traffic management. In the Navy, our fighter jets, helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft need vigilant Air Traffic Controllers to keep flight decks and airstrips in check. As an AC, you work against moving runways, inclement weather and mechanical issues to get personnel safely to the ground. Navy aircraft are moving all the time, so it’s your responsibility to organize air traffic and communicate critical information to pilots. With extensive training in radar and air traffic communications, this rate is one of the easiest to translate into a civilian career post-service. As an Air Traffic Controller, you can command the skies.

This job requires military service with a contract for enlistment or commission. This is not an application to a specific position within the military. This job is only an example of a position that you could be placed in after taking a job placement exam.
Enlistment entails that you speak to a recruiter, take a job placement exam, complete a physical exam, choose from the career options that are presented to you, sign a career contract, take the oath of enlistment, and attend boot camp.

The successful operation of a flight deck on an aircraft carrier is one of the most complex, high-stakes exercises on the planet. It’s no small task to ensure that each aircraft that leaves the flight deck performs its mission successfully and returns home safely. Navy Air Traffic Controllers are essential in directing the everyday complexities above and below the flight deck. Their responsibilities include:

Providing air traffic control services in air traffic control towers, radar air traffic control facilities, fleet area control and surveillance facilities and air operations ashore and afloat

Operating radio communication systems and light signals

Performing aircraft tactical duties as a flight engineer, loadmaster and/or reel operator

Executing handling duties related to the launch and recovery of Naval aircraft

Interpreting data shown on radar screens to plot aircraft positions

Operating tactical weapons, sensors and communications equipment

Working with Pilots to operate and control aircraft systems

Work Environment
As an Air Traffic Controller, you’ll make the world your home. You may be assigned to sea or shore squadrons on almost any continent. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of environments – from airborne aircraft to hangars, hangar decks to flight decks, and flight lines at air stations and on aircraft carriers.
Training & Advancement
Upon completion of the initial 7-9 week training at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes (known as Boot Camp), you’ll report for specialized training, including:

Class “A” Technical School (15 weeks)in Pensacola, FL, for training in fundamentals of Air Traffic Control, radar and radio communications Group Instruction and simulators.

Additional training may be required depending on your assignment. ACs can expect to receive specialized training on specific aircraft or equipment relevant to your assignment before reporting for operational activities.

After you’ve completed training, you may be stationed in traffic control centers on aircraft carriers or at air traffic control facilities in the United States or overseas. As an AC, you can expect approximately 30% of your assignments to take place at sea.

Promotion opportunities are …

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