Space Weather Engagement Lead Job at Australian Bureau of Meteorology – in Adelaide Region SA

Executive Level 1, Ongoing

$98,209 – $110,623 + 15.4% super


The Bureau’s National Security and Space Program provides space weather warnings and alerts to sectors integral to Australia’s national security, economic prosperity and community safety through Government partners and key industry sectors to ensure they have the right information at the right time, to deliver on their goals.

To support important relationships with government partners and key industry sectors in preparing for space weather events, the Bureau has recently announced the establishment of the Space Weather Hub, located at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, South Australia. This space weather capability will consist of the Customer Engagement Team – which this Job Description pertains to, the Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre, and the Space Weather Research to Operations Team.

The Customer Engagement Team comprises of a group of skilled engagement leads, including an Executive Level 2 manager, four Executive Level 1 Engagement Leads, and one APS6, who will work together to identify the future direction of space weather capability and drive the development of warnings and alerts to support each sector.

The Executive Level 1 Engagement Leads will each focus their highly developed engagement skills on building relationships across their key sector. We are currently seeking suitably qualified and motivated individuals to lead customer engagement in:

the aviation and telecommunications sector

the energy and resources sector

Each Lead will actively establish and maintain genuine relationships across their sector with Commonwealth Industry Government forums within the Department of Industry, sector forums and associations, and with supported or emerging commercial companies, to ensure that the Bureau’s Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre can provide these sectors with persistent, timely and accurate space weather warnings and alerts ensuring the threat of space weather events are mitigated. The key metric for success is ensuring the sector is prepared to respond to a space weather event.

Each Engagement Lead will solicit requirements for their supported sector to develop statement of requirements for warnings and alerts and will contribute to a Space Weather Roadmap – a five to ten year view of how the Bureau will support all sectors with space weather warnings and alerts into the future.

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