Senior Technician Jobs in Long Beach – California – USA at Craft Aerospace

Title: Senior Technician

Company: Craft Aerospace

Location: Long Beach – California – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Manufacturing, Airport/Airline

To save time on your end and ours, must haves for this role include experience running a fabrication shop, facility, etc. and nice to have experience managing technicians. Experience fabricating parts (metallic parts mostly using hand tools). And the ability to perform good quality work with limited description.

Skip the airport and cut door to door travel times in half!We are Craft Aero, a sustainable aviation startup and team of expert engineers from deep tech and aerospace. We are building vertical take-off and landing aircraft for the worlds busiest routes. Weve built and flown custom drones. Weve brought multiple automotive platforms into production. Weve electrified transportation vehicles that magnetically levitate, that roll, that fly.

Together, weve been learning, developing, building, testing, and preparing for this challenge our entire lives. Our bar is very high but if you join our team, you will work side by side with the best of the best and be challenged more than you have ever been challenged. Check us out:

Craft Aerospace is all about making use of our existing infrastructure to make long distance travel faster, easier, and more accessible to our customers. By utilizing existing infrastructure and through the development and creation of the Craft designs, this future will become a reality.

The Craft aircraft is a novel design, featuring a blown lift configuration enabling hover and shorter takeoffs combined with traditional methods of landing. This will allow it to operate out of existing helipads and also shorter existing runways such as municipal and regional airports.


? Setup and operate a wide variety of tools such as torque wrenches, saws, drills and soldering irons

? Assembly and fabrication of test rigs and test articles

? Interpret engineering models, drawings, instructions and test procedures

? Fabrication, assembly and handling of tight tolerance aerospace components

? Operate various ground support equipment such as forklifts and gantry cranes

? Supporting composite layups, positive and negative mold preparation, resin application, vacuum and oven curing

? Assembly of prototype aircraft mechanical and electrical components

? Supporting execution of in-house and external testing campaigns

? Support part inspection for appearance, function, tolerances, dimensions and tolerances

? Maintain the shop area and organize tool boxes and powered equipment

? Travel to machine/fabrication shops to obtain parts and purchase equipment

? Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with teams of diverse backgrounds and skills

Your Suggested Backgrounds Could Be From:

? High school diploma or equivalent degrees


Experience withhand tools and powered tools

? Experience operating ground support equipment

? Experience in application of resins, adhesives, sealant and primers


Experience withassembly/fabrication/handling of critical and tight tolerance components

? Experience in manufacturing and assembly of aircraft and aircraft components is a plus

? Prior experience in composite fabrication is a plus

? CNC machining experience is a plus

? OSHA certification is a plus

? Knowledge of quality procedures, tolerances, dimensions and specifications is a plus


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