Senior Aerodynamics Engineer ADP Jobs in Seattle – Washington – USA at The Judge Group

Title: Senior Aerodynamics Engineer ADP

Company: The Judge Group

Location: Seattle – Washington – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Engineering, Airport/Airline

Location:SeaTac, WA

Description:Our client is currently seeking a Senior Aerodynamics Engineer ADP

You willbe the leader for all aspects of aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic design across all flight regimes for current and future spaceflight systems.

You willlead the development of airframe and OML design and configuration, aerodynamic/aerothermal models and develop databases for space launch and reentry vehicles for human flight using hand calculations, engineering methods, numerical methods, and detailed test methods.

You willshare in the team’s impact on all aspects of the program through their entire lifecycle, from early conceptual design and configuration through flight operations and sustaining engineering.

This job will have the following responsibilities:

Minimum of BS degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

8+ years of experience with air vehicle aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, or flight mechanics

Demonstrated experience in the development of aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic data for various vehicle configurations

Proven experience developing and maintaining databases for use in trajectory, GN&C (Guidance, Navigation, and Control), and structural loads analyses using both analysis and test methods (e.g., hand calcs, CFD, wind tunnel testing)

Demonstrated experience with CFD tools including mesh generation and solution post-processing

Demonstrated experience with aerodynamic testing and engineering level methods (e.g., Missile DATCOM, MINIVER)

Experience in development of integrated systems and effective communication of aerodynamic impacts to other subsystems and product objectives

Ability to earn trust, maintain positive and professional relationships, and contribute to a culture of inclusion

Must be a U.S. citizen or national, U.S. permanent resident (current Green Card holder), or lawfully admitted into the U.S. as a refugee or granted asylum.

Qualifications & Requirements:


MS or higher degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

Strong aerodynamic fundamentals and intuition through multiple flight regimes (hypersonic, supersonic, transonic, subsonic; continuous and free molecular flow)

Experience in aerodynamic tool development and integration with optimization/analysis toolchains

Experience with CFD solvers: CFD++, FUN3D, LAURA; and pre/post processing tools:
Pointwise, Ensight, ParaView, Tecplot

Experience supporting wind tunnel testing and, flight testing including data reduction and post-flight data analysis

Experience with vehicle aerothermodynamic environments through all phases of flight (launch, exo-atmospheric, re-entry, landing and recovery)

Experience developing flight test plans and operational procedures

Familiarity with Astrodynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, and Flight Environment Analysis and Modeling



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