Safety Specialist Jobs in Doha – Qatar at Phil-Tex Staffing Services International Inc

Title: Safety Specialist

Company: Phil-Tex Staffing Services International Inc

Location: Doha – Qatar

Type: Full Time

Category: Airport/Airline, Management

About the role:

As a Safety Specialist, you will be responsible to support the Line Manager in promoting flighty safety awareness and ensuring the prevention of aircraft accidents by making this the priority throughout all divisions and departments within the company. To be a key promoter of the Company Safety Management System thereby ensuring the careful recording and monitoring of safety-related occurrences for adverse trends with the objective of preventing a recurrence of similar incidents, which could lead to an aircraft accident.

Additional responsibilities for the role are listed below:

Carry out an investigation into the incident at the behest of the Group Safety Management and make recommendations to prevent recurrence and follow up with various departments for corrective actions.

Prepare the monthly presentation for the Flight Operations Safety Action Group Meeting and prepare the presentation for the Quarterly Airline Safety Committee Meeting.

Correspond with external agencies such as Civil Aviation Departments, Airport Authorities, and other agencies on safety-related matters.

Follow up with individual flight crew members to submit occurrence reports based on events identified as part of the Flight Operations Quality Assurance Programme. Manage the occurrence reports by ensuring correct categorization of Occurrence to enable a correct analysis of events. Ensure occurrences that fall under the preview of the Mandatory Occurrence System are reported to Qatar Civil Aviation Authorities at the earliest but not later than 72 hours.

Produce statistical reports as required by the VP Safety or by Senior Manager Flight Safety.

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About you:

An ideal candidate will have a minimum of relevant College or University Bachelor’s Degree with 4 years of job-related experience.

Insert practical and technical knowledge needed including management skills

Command of English language

Managerial skills

-Ability todelegate work, set clear direction, and manage workflow. Strong mentoring and coaching skills.

Should be computer and database Literate. Prior experience in the use of AQD, Airfase, Aerobyte, Q-Pulse, and other similar safety tools will be useful.

Must havea working knowledge of aviation and aircraft systems.

Should be familiar with legislation (ICAO, EASA Regulations or FAR and Ops Manuals) and international safety bodies such as IATA, Flight Safety Foundation.


Flight Engineer, Aviation Engineer, Grounded Flight Crew (medical) Commercial Pilot License holder, Aviation Graduate, Aviation diploma course, Cabin Crew with appropriate knowledge and experience in safety.

Experience in Airline operations as a Flight Crew or experience as an engineer with a safety background including analysis of occurrence data and flight data.

Have experience in business intelligence (Powe…


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