Research Scientist – Active Remote Sensing Job at Australian Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne VIC

Executive Level 1 (Senior Professional Officer Grade C) $98,209 – $110,623 plus an additional 15.4% superannuation

Non-Ongoing until June 2022

Science & Innovation – Melbourne

The Research Program of the Bureau of Meteorology is seeking a research scientist with expertise in active remote sensing retrievals to join a team of scientists and software engineers responsible for developing and implementing operational data processing systems that transform ground-based active remote sensing observations into actionable meteorological and environmental information in support of the Bureau’s mission.

The successful applicant will undertake research using existing cloud radar and lidar observations collected at Davis station, Antarctica, to develop a climatological understanding of meteorological conditions at the Davis station, with a focus on conditions conducive to aviation hazard (rainfall, snowfall, clouds, fog, winds, and turbulence). This study will inform the assessment of the suitability of the development of an aerodrome for safe year-round aircraft operations near Davis station. Provided that the suitability is confirmed, the occupant will then contribute to setting up an observational program around Davis (starting with a scanning cloud radar and scanning Doppler lidar) and the development of operational aviation products for the monitoring and nowcasting of aviation-related meteorological hazards.

The occupant will also provide strategic advice and recommendations to the main stakeholder of the project (the Australian Antarctic Division) and to the Bureau project management team. The position requires some experience with customer engagement and responding to requests for information, data and product development to address customer needs. The successful applicant will possess a strong publication record in the development of active remote sensing retrieval techniques, demonstrating excellent communication and liaison skills.

The successful applicant will be a member of the Radar Science and Nowcasting team led by a Senior Principal Research Scientist. The Radar Science and Nowcasting team is one of five teams within the Weather and Environmental Prediction section which is responsible for research activities to improve the understanding of meteorological processes and development of applications and systems to enhance weather forecasting services.

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