Recovery & Refurbishment Senior Test Engineer – Advanced Development Programs Reusable Space Transportation Systems Jobs in Seattle, WA at BLUE ORIGIN

Title: Recovery & Refurbishment Senior Test Engineer – Advanced Development Programs Reusable Space Transportation Systems


Location: Seattle, WA

The Advanced Development Programs (ADP) Business Unit is Blue Origin’s team dedicated to developing mission architectures, creating, and fostering new technologies into our existing offerings, and commercializing new platforms. We are a diverse team of collaborators, doers, and problem-solvers who are relentlessly committed to a culture of safety. This position will directly impact the history of space exploration and will require your commitment and detailed attention towards safe and repeatable space flight. Join us in lowering the cost of access to space and enabling Blue Origin’s vision of millions of people living and working in space to benefit Earth.

This position reports to the Systems Engineering Section inside of the Advanced Development Programs business unit. As part of a hardworking team of diverse specialists, technicians and engineers, you will be performing tasks across the spectrum of Test and Evaluation for components, subsystems and systems, from test requirements development to test design, Ground support equipment design, special test equipment design, Instrumentation, data acquisition, and test control.

Your testing of these system under terrestrial gravity and atmosphere will require innovative thinking and creative execution in design. You will work closely with sub-system designers to create the test requirements which support the verification requirements and requisite model validation data. You will take the tests and guide them from initial test architecture through integration and execution, providing intended data products for design verification. Products for these tests require your skills in writing plans/reports, planning resources and schedule, coordinating supply and logistics, integrating analysis for loads and environments, instrumentation design for data collection, and vetting/presenting plans and processes for review. You will have support from subject matter experts during the test design and are not required to be the expert in all fields of the test.

We are looking for someone to apply their technical expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to quality to positively impact safe spaceflight. Passion for our mission and vision is required!


Lead the planning, architecture, and coordination of the resources necessary to successfully design, integrate, and execute the recovery and refurbishment of reusable space transportation systems

Coordinate with the design engineer subject matter experts across each affected system under test to integrate the identified System verification requirements into the detailed test plan for the development risk reduction and/or verification run for record event as appropriate.

Participate in development and gated design reviews of system under test to work testability, instrumentation, and operability features in during the design phase of new vehicles to facilitate verification.

Lead & conduct of Test Design Reviews, Integration Readiness Reviews, and Test Readiness review for your events.

Develop and author Test Plan, Test Procedures, and Test Results.

Design and develop Special Test Equipment (STE) and integrate Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to simulate and stimulate Articles Under Test (AUTs) or capture AUT output and interface performance.

Coordinate with suppliers on acquisition of requisite GSE and STE defined by your team design while leveraging standard commercial devices to the maximum extent possible.

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