Pilot in Command – Legacy (KISP/KMMU Jobs in Ronkonkoma – New York – USA at Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Title: Pilot in Command – Legacy (KISP/KMMU

Company: Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

Location: Ronkonkoma – New York – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Airport/Airline, Transportation

Position:  Pilot in Command – Legacy 650 (KISP/KMMU Base)

Position Summary

Reports directly to the Chief Pilot and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of company aircraft while in compliance with all applicable regulations, rules, directives, company procedures and aircraft flight manuals. The Pilot in Command’s leadership, dedication, professionalism, decision making abilities and safety awareness are crucial qualities necessary to ensure the utmost service to Excel

Aire’s clients and help ensure successful mission accomplishment. As the aircraft commander, the Pilot in Command is responsible for the safety, supervision, and coordination of flight crew activities from the planning phase through the completion of the company trip. The Pilot in Command is ultimately responsible for the well-being of passengers, crew and aircraft. The Pilot in Command performs additional company duties as assigned.



Maintain currency in the aircraft; ensures recurrent tests are accomplished on or before the required due date

Initial and recurrent pilot tests (135.293)

Instrument check every six months (135.297)

Line check every 12 calendar months (135.299)

Comply with duty time limitations and be adequately rested

Coordinate with Operations and plan the flight assignment

Obtain a weather briefing through a FSS or a source approved by the National Weather Service

A review of the current and forecast weather

PIREPS, winds aloft, flight precautions, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, NO

TAMs, and ATC delay programs

Prepares or supervises preparation of flight planning considering factors such as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, airport facilities, navigational aids and fuel requirements.

Ensure that the proposed flight will not be contrary to FAR’s

Ensure that the required company forms are accessible to the flight deck crewmember

Ensure that the required airworthiness inspections have been made and the aircraft is approved for return to service (see Section 5)

Performs the required preflight inspection for mechanical and operational soundness; ensures that all communication and navigation equipment is functional

Ensure that all required equipment is on board in accordance with the procedures in Chapter 4

Supervise the loading and distribution of cargo;

Determine the weight and balance are within the prescribed limits

Completes the load manifest, if required in accordance with company procedures

Ensure aeronautical charts are current and appropriate to the route of flight


Interact with others in a professional and respectful manner

Follow up with other company departments and employees

Recommend process and communication improvements

Regular and prompt attendance



On-call and overtime duties as required

On the job training for new employees

Miscellaneous other duties as assigned


FAA Air Transport Pilot License with appropriate ratings (ATP)

FAA First Class Medical Certificate

Hours of flight time

2,000 Total fixed wing

500 Pilot in Command

100 Time in type

1500 Multi engine

Annual recurrent full motion simulator training Must pass all conducted drug screens, background and security checks, and prove eligibility for employment in the United States

Excellent listening and problem solving skills

Ability towork as part of a team or indepen…


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