Operations Manager-OPSMGR Jobs in Greer – South Carolina – USA at GAT Airline Support

Title: Operations Manager-OPSMGR

Company: GAT Airline Support

Location: Greer – South Carolina – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, Airport/Airline

Operations Managers have the responsibility for establishing safety policies, procedures and working conditions that affect the employee on the job. Responsible for the immediate work environment as well as the actions of all persons who report to them. Must communicate all safety policies and procedures within their operation. Direct and coordinate activities to provide a safe environment for employees while maintaining fast and efficient services.

This position requires working in a fast-paced environment with time constraints to meet arrival and departure goals. The operations manager must consistently display a professional and positive image.



Operations Managers must be able to conduct monthly safety meetings for all employees (without exception).

Must beable to conduct flight audits, station audits and “at-risk” behavior audits.

Participate in monthly company safety conference calls.

Able tocommunicate and instill safety awareness in all employees including new hires.

Work in conjunction with Customer to determine manpower requirements for group movements, peak travel holidays, out of scope and flight schedule changes.

Oversee recruiting and placement efforts to ensure staffing levels meet requirements and exercise the best possible effort to follow any instructions provided by the Customer or their designee regarding standards, procedures, and practices.

Ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies including FAA, OSHA, EPA, US Dept. of Labor and EEOC.

Investigate, report and implement corrective action for any incident of aircraft damage or employee injury and conduct/participate in employee coaching and counseling as necessary.

Oversee any disciplinary action resulting from or potentially leading to termination in order to ensure proper documentation and consistent application of policies.

Coordinate purchases for operational necessities and ensure adequate supplies are available to meet customer standards.

Review final payroll and daily hours to ensure salaries and wages remain within budgetary restraints.

Monitor the impact of operational irregularities on such costs and ensure out of scope is documented and approved accordingly.

Conduct weekly Lead/Supervisor meetings, daily briefings with GSE mechanic for equipment updates and timely repair, participate in employee shift briefings and customer shift briefings or team meetings as required.

Observe and ensure full compliance of uniform and appearance guidelines and inspect facility daily including supply rooms, storage rooms, storage, break rooms, and office areas.

Review all daily, weekly and monthly operational reports to ensure proper dissemination, including but not limited to, shift reports, disciplinary actions, incident reports, safety meeting minutes, monthly summary report, pay to change notices, employee evaluations, work orders, or any other local reporting medium.

Investigate all service failures including chargeable delays, baggage/cargo/mail mishandling.

Administer station operational plans such as deicing, FOD, safety, winter operation, and baggage plans.

Complete personnel evaluations on supervisors, administrative assistants, and GSE mechanics.

Liaise with all customer service, airport, USPS and our customer.

Respond to and/or investigate concerns reported by the customer’s supervisory personnel.

Perform routine visits to the various authorities to discuss issues and concerns. Attend all local airport tenant, se…


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