OAI Sr Field Engineer II Jobs in Doha – Qatar at Raytheon Technologies

Title: OAI Sr Field Engineer II

Company: Raytheon Technologies

Location: Doha – Qatar

Type: Full Time

Category: Engineering, Airport/Airline

Job Description:

The Organizational Activities Interface (OAI)/Technical Support Engineer Lead will provide technical field operational services to The Air Defense Patriot battalions. The OAI personnel will advise and assist with training of Patriot Battalion (BN) and Fire Unit (FU) personnel in required operational skills. Assist with BN/FU operation software initialization to include formulating system databases and communication plans. Provide expertise on system software application (e.g., initialization, operation, and training).

Supports tasks that insure the integrated Patriot System is fully operational to include all aspects of the Air Battle at the BN and FU levels. Assist with new equipment training and sustainment training, both classroom and practical exercises to include software (PDBs) and hardware (sweeps) update training. Supports Patriot Air Defense Forces in its system refresher operator training to battery and battalion personnel to maintain, improve, and upgrade skills.

This position is located in Qatar supporting the Qatar TAFT contract.

Provides Technical Advice and Assists Battery Personnel with Operational and Tactical Procedures Associated with the Patriot Missile System. Conducts operation and management of exercises utilizing practice scenarios with the Patriot ECS and ICC. Participate in On-the-Job Training (OJT) Programs. Performs other related

Dutiesas required or directed by the section officer.



Must haveat least five years of experience with the Patriot Air Defense System.

Must havedirectly related experience in the Patriot Evaluation Section and Patriot Tactical Operations at the Battalion or higher level.

Demonstrated experience with integrated Battalion and Fire Unit-to-Fire Unit (FU-FU) operations to include interoperability with HAWK and higher echelon.

Demonstrated experience teaching Patriot organizational classes in the classroom and on the tactical equipment or Patriot Conduct of Fire Trainer in the following areas: RSOP/Survey, March Order and Emplacement, System Initialization and Mapping, Air Defense Mission (ADM) against Air-Breathing Threats (ABT) and Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBM), Guided Missile Reload and ARTEP Battle Drills/Gunnery Tables. Demonstrated knowledge on Brigade/AADCOM level TACSOPs.

Must becapable of assisting in the training of organizational level system upgrades.

Must havesuccessfully completed the Patriot Operator and System Mechanic MOS 24T/14E/140E conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) or an equivalent course of instruction conducted by the Patriot Missile System Contractor. Performs other related

Dutiesas required or directed by the section officer. The contractor shall have atleast 5 years’ experience as a MOS 14A/140E/14E U.S. Army Patriot Battalion. The contractor will be subject matter expert in the employment and operation of the Patriot system: and will have served as one or more of the following:

A) Tactical Control Officer (TCO) at a U.S. Patriot Battery

B) Tactical Director (TD) at a U.S. Patriot Battalion

C) EMMO at a U.S. Patriot Battalion

D) Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer (ADAFCO).A CETCOM physical is requirement



Middle East customer experience.

Working knowledge of Patriot integrated battalion and Fire Platoon-to Fire Platoon operations, to include expertise with Patriot communication links. Demonstrated one (1) year of Co…


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