Mission Assurance Lead Jobs in Los Angeles – California – USA at Skyryse

Title: Mission Assurance Lead

Company: Skyryse

Location: Los Angeles – California – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Engineering, Airport/Airline

About SkyryseGreater Los Angeles, CA

Skyryse wants to allow anyone, to fly anywhere, in any aircraft, safely and as a highly experienced pilot would. Powered by the Skyryse operating system, we automate flight controls and management to achieve unmatched safety and eliminate opportunities for human error in all flight stages, and in emergency situations. We want to make flying as ubiquitous as the road and as safe as the elevator.

Why This Role Is Mission CriticalTo support our Skyryse missions, we strive to go beyond what certification agencies require and to set higher standards for the NextGen general aviation. At Skyryse, safety is a culture rather than burdensome paperwork or rigid processes. Safety starts  of any product or technology development. In this role, you are responsible to make critical and often the most difficult decisions for the change requests submitted from various engineering/product teams, such as aerodynamic, 6

DOF sim, flight control, perception, software, human factor, avionics, etc. Some decisions will have significant impact on Skyryse. For example, steering technology development directions, declaring Safety of Flight. Although all of the decisions will be 100% based on engineering data, some may require use of your expertise/experiences to ensure the right decisions are always made in a timely manner. Our missions may depend on you.

Key Objectives

Chair/organize Skyryse company Change Control Board (CCB) for any technical changes applicable to experimental flight test vehicle, system laboratory and show-compliance flight test article(s) and make sound technical decisions to meet different priorities.

Assure all flight test missions are safely conducted and maintain Zero-Failure-Rate history of Skyryse missions.

Analyze all engineering artifacts/evidence/records/data and ensure data driven decisions making processes

Coach and mentor other team members to establish/maintain a Safety Culture across all organizations within Skyryse

Participate in all Skyryse technical design reviews/audits/inspections internally or externally, and directly contribute to major technology development if required

Occasionally hands-on in developing breakthrough solutions for complex technical problems, systems/aircraft failures, or other technical issue/white papers.



Bachelor’s degree in any engineering discipline

10+ years experience in mission or safety critical technology development and familiarity with structured Change Control Management workflows

Possess deep knowledge of one or more of the following technical domains: aerodynamics, control systems, guidance systems, smart sensors systems, display systems, mission control systems, and other safety/mission critical systems in aerospace, automobile, medical and/stry

Excellent understanding of aircraft/vehicle mission assurance principles and processes, such as system engineering, configuration management, quality assurance, root cause analysis, safety analysis, design assurance, etc.

Extraordinary communication/presentation skills

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and collaborate with teams

Ability to coach other team members and lead by example


Masters ee in Math, Physics, Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, or other applicable engineering disciplines

15+ years experiences in Part 25/29 aircraft development, integration and flight test, working experience in Ch…


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