Environmental Aviation Subject Matter Expert Job at 1st American – in Washington, DC

ASI is looking for Environmental Aviation Subject Matter Experts to provide consulting support to its FAA Customer in the development of policies and procedures related to NexGen Air Traffic Control. The support services will cover three main areas as decribed in greater detail below. UAS Policy, FOIA Request Support, and Environmental Policy Support

Support for the evolution of UAS policy, regulation, procedures, technical analyses of UAS integration into the NAS, business and strategic planning, and documentation support by performing the following tasks:

  • Evaluate and provide written/verbal technical analysis to enable UAS operations integrating into the NAS;
  • Evaluate and provide written/verbal expertise to enable evolution of UAS policy and specific UAS procedures;
  • Develop status reports and participate in internal/external organizational meetings to communicate status of UAS work activities;
  • Collect, maintain, and produce reports on specific activities associated with the integration of UAS in the NAS and internal FAA business plans; and
  • Support FAA management and staff in creating and storing of appropriate UAS documents.

FOIA request support by performing the following tasks:

  • Analyze and process requests for information following agency FOIA policies and guidelines;
  • Prioritize, assign, and review FOIA activities to meet productivity and compliance goals;
  • Analyzes changes in FOIA legislation and regulations to determine the impact on program operations, and develop and coordinate new internal procedures for inclusion into the organizational Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure program compliance with new requirements;
  • Participate in weekly FOIA case status meetings with program staff and management and provide statistical reports on the status of FOIA cases and the effectiveness of work efforts in meeting established goals and objectives;
  • Generate and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data to develop reports;
  • Prepare and update PowerPoint presentations on the FOIA program;
  • Design various graphic materials for program use;
  • Review requests for information to research, analyze, and evaluate data/information on UAS to determine exempt or non-exempt status under FOIA. Draft and coordinate appropriate responses;
  • Update and manage FOIA case files via KSN;
  • Utilize application programs (e.g., KSN, CAPS, DroneZone) to search for documents in response to FOIA requests;
  • Collaborate with other FAA offices, federal, state and local agencies, and commercial proponents to secure approval for the release of responsive records;
  • Review records and collaborate with the FAA staff to locate materials responsive to FOIA requests;
  • Determine applicable exemptions and utilize Adobe Acrobat to redact non-releasable portions;
  • Draft and coordinate all new FOIA communications to requesters and third parties; including letters to submitters, acknowledgement of receipt, status updates, and decision letters;
  • Provide recommendations to management for final agency decisions on release/non-release of FOIA records; and
  • Assemble, review, and coordinate the processing of FOIA release packages.

Environmental policy support by performing the following tasks:

  • Analyze noise and air emissions and recommend models and policies to maintain environmental sustainability of the National Airspace System (NAS);
  • Solve complex problems and develop improved technical processes or systems using comprehensive technical knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);
  • Apply experience with statutory and regulatory environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act and the National Historic Preservation Act as related to aviation to provide reviews for FAA airspace redesign and procedure development projects concerning air space use and air traffic;
  • Develop environmental policy, standards, and guidance to support other Federal Aviation Administration and Air Traffic Organization offices on environmental matters related to airspace and flight procedure changes within the NAS;
  • Use experience with noise and air quality impact evaluation tools such as the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) or the Terminal Area Route Generation Evaluation & Traffic Simulation (TARGETS) program noise screening tool to ensure environmental impacts, enhancements, and protection considerations are fully and properly analyzed.;
  • Generate and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data to develop reports;
  • Prepare and update PowerPoint presentations on environmental policy;
  • Support FAA management and staff in creating and storing of appropriate environmental policy documents.

Requirements and Qualifications

Air Traffic Control Experience is preferred

The position requires applying a comprehensive knowledge of FAA policies and objectives in the development, implementation, and administration of operational enhancements and procedural changes.

Specifically, the work involves examining complex aviation challenges, performing analyses/studies which result in recommendations to improve operational service and efficiency. Issues involved are often unique and involve the interaction of different components of the agency. Activities typically impact most of the aviation infrastructure, such as, industry, NAS operators and international partners. Additionally, the position will require the coordination of cross organizational policies and programs to resolve complex issues, internal and external to the ATO and the FAA.

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