BHJOB15656_17875 – Service Manager (Aviation) Job at Myticas Consulting – in Ontario

Service Manager (Aviation)

US: Florida, Washington DC

Canada: Ontario, Newfoundland

Hybrid: Combination of home and office based work.

Format: Permanent/Fulltime

Primary role purpose:
The Service Manager is a customer and partner-facing role for all matters relating to performance. The aim of the position is to ensure that technical issues experienced by the customer are promptly resolved and accurately communicated. The successful candidate will act as a customer-facing Technical Account Manager, coordinating with both suppliers and partners as required. Additionally, in coordination with Key Account Managers, you will also manage any customer change requests.

Please note that the aim of this role is not to wait for enquiries, but to be proactive, to detect issues and inform the customer before they identify the issue themselves, or to coordinate escalation accordingly. This requires a significant level of analysis and investigation on daily basis.

Depending on the business needs, you will act at different levels:

When related to Reseller (including internal counterparts like Maritime using Aviation components), this role will be responsible for providing technical support to the company Operations as a touch point for the Business Unit. When required, this role will coordinate the monthly synthesis with the organization’s partnership manager.

When an inquiry comes from a commercial airline customer, this role will coordinate the first level of investigation. This will include following up with internal teams and providing regular updates, as well as providing service performance reports to the customer. As a Service Manager of a Global Account, this role will be an escalation touch point and will ensure that all customer issues are handled according to the organization’s resolution processes. This will include having a proactive view of customer enquiries (and being able to anticipate the customer escalation.

This role will help provide advice to junior members of the team, including reviewing their communication to customers and providing advice when managing relations with suppliers partners.

This role will be responsible for suggesting and implementing industry best practices across the team and with our partners and always striving for continuous improvement in work responsibilities. As with all members of the team, in addition to regular responsibilities, this role will be required to handle urgent requests outside of regular working hours. This will support team members and partners operating in other time zones, who observe different working schedules, and who are located in other globally dispersed locations.

Key Responsibilities:
As a point of contact for Airlines, you will:
Act as a technical account manager to customers

Ensure proper follow up of the technical inquiries raised by the customers, ensuring prompt follow up is provided by the team, and challenging answers to ensure their accuracy and understanding.

Perform investigations related to the fleets for which you are responsible.

Write technical requirements to focus on the work getting the full added value of your expertise.

Support the transition from Program Management when new fleets or new platforms enter in commercial service.

Deliver reporting and analysis requirements in a timely manner based upon coordination with Operations and Field Service Representatives.

Reviewing monthly financial reports ensuring that the appropriate action is taken should there be a potential trigger in contractual penalties.

Coordinate reviews with the customers and/or with suppliers.

Identify and propose improvement opportunities.

Support the transition from Program Management when new fleets, new platforms, or new technologies enter in commercial service

Follow up on internal action plans to improve Service performance and emphasize their benefits to the customer.

Track Change Requests from your customers, reporting them internally and gathering the appropriate 360deg; impact assessment and costing.

In understanding the existing issues, this position will contribute to the reporting of new occurrences and help with the investigation; this includes raising any concerns or suspicions of new issues internally.

Be the voice of your customers and their passengers during internal meetings.

As a coordinator between Airlines and Partners, you will:
Contribute to building the support relationship with new partners and improve efficiencies in supporting existing partners, considering the scalability aspect under a midto long-term perspective

About the Company

Company: Myticas Consulting –

Company Location:  Ontario

Estimated Salary: