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Summary Aviation Safety Inspectors in this specialty (General Aviation Maintenance) apply knowledge and skills typically acquired as repairman of aircraft, aircraft parts, or avionics equipment to develop and administer regulations and safety standards pertaining to the airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft and related equipment. Responsibilities Candidate must complete an extensive training program to include formal and on-the-job training up to and possibly 24 months regardless of grade level.Duties at the FG-9 grade level may include but are not limited to the following:Assisting in enforcement investigation and preparation of final reports;Participating in accident/incident and complaint investigation; andAssisting in the re-examination of certificated airmen or recertification of an operator or agencyDuties at the FG-11 grade level may include but are not limited to the following:Assuring that aviation organization and airmen comply with regulatory requirements and reports deficiencies to the principal inspector or supervisor;Providing assistance in the evaluation of air carriers, air agencies, and air operators and making recommendations to the principal inspector or supervisor; andAssisting in the recertification of an operator or agency.Duties at the FG-12 grade level include but are not limited to the following:Evaluating mechanics and repair facilities for initial certification and continuing adequacy;Evaluating the mechanic’s training program;Inspecting aircraft and related equipment for airworthiness; andEvaluating the maintenance aspects of programs of air carriers and similar commercial operations. The evaluations may include the adequacy of maintenance facilities, equipment and procedures; the competence of employees; the adequacy of the program or schedule for periodic maintenance and overhauls; and the airworthiness of the aircraft.Aviation Safety Inspectors (Airworthiness) may perform a variety of other inspections, investigations and advisory duties however, the primary requirement for positions in this specialty is knowledge and skill pertaining to the maintenance and airworthiness of aircraft.Inspectors are required to travel frequently and to occasionally work irregular duty hours. Requirements Conditions of Employment We are not accepting applications from noncitizens. Qualifications OPM Qualifications Standard for Aviation Safety Series, FG-1825 Minimum Eligibility Requirements:Not more than two separate incidents involving Federal Aviation regulations violations in the last 5 years;Valid State driver`s license;Fluency in the English language;No chemical dependencies or drug abuse that could interfere with job performance; andHigh school diploma or equivalent.Aviation Safety Inspector positions have job-related medical requirements. When applicable, applicants MUST meet job-related medical requirements which will be assessed and validated during the pre-employment process.Medical Requirements: Applicants must be physically able to perform the duties of the Aviation Safety Inspector position in a safe and efficient manner, with or without a reasonable accommodation. The minimum medical requirements include the following requirements:Have good distant vision in each eye and be able to read, without strain, printed materials the size of typewritten characters (glasses and contact lenses permitted);Have the ability to hear the conversational voice (hearing aid permitted); andNot have any physical condition that would cause them to be a hazard to themselves or others that would interfere with their ability to fly as passengers in a variety of aircraft.SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, AND CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the FG-9 or FG-11 level. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Applicants should include examples of specialized experience in their work history. In addition, applicants MUST meet all of the following:Experience involving the maintenance and repair of airframes, power plants, and aircraft systems with responsibility for certifying airworthiness;Maintenance experience with 12,500 pounds or less maximum certificated takeoff weight;Aircraft maintenance experience in a repair station; air carrier or airline repair facility; military repair facility; or local, state or Federal government agency;Aircraft maintenance work experience within the last 3 years; andFAA Mechanic Certificate with airframe and power plant ratings.Specialized experience at the FG-9 grade level involves assignments involving familiar aircraft, facilities, and equipment such as duties as an Aerospace, Aeronautical Engineer, Lead Mechanic or Inspector; Maintenance Controller for a Part 121, or 135; Line/Flight Chief, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor supervising the maintenance of airframes and/or power plants in the military service; or Quality Control Inspector inspecting the maintenance of airframes and/or power plants in the military service . Work at this level is typically subject to review and specific guidelines to ensure compliance with instructions.Specialized experience at the FG-11 grade level involves a broad scope of responsibility, more variety, and less clear guidelines such as duties as a Quality Assurance Auditor/Inspector for a Title 14 CFR Part 121, or 135; General Foreman, Foreman, Shift Supervisor, or Shift Manager for a Part 121, or 135; or Supervisory Inspector for a Part 145 repair station. Work at this level is typically subject to review to assure compliance with organized policies or regulations, and specific guidelines to ensure compliance with organizational policies or regulations.Specialized experience at the FG-12 involves a wide range of assignments or a few highly complex assignments, requiring planning and organization, setting priorities and working without clear or specific guidelines such as Quality Assurance Auditor/Inspector for a Title 14 CFRPart 121 or 135; or Supervisory Inspector for a Part 91, 91K, 121, 125 or 135 operator. Work at this level is typically reviewed only to assess the impact on overall organizational objectives. Education A positive education experience is not required for this position. Additional Information We may use this vacancy to fill other similar vacant positions.Position may be subject to a background investigation.A one-year probationary period may be required.The person selected for this position may be required to file a financial disclosure statement within 30 days of entry on duty. FAA policy limits certain outside employment and financial investments in aviation-related companies.The Flight Standards Service utilizes a National Centralized Hiring Process, for standardized interviewing, screening, and verification of qualifications and experience of Aviation Safety Inspector applicants.Applicants will be required to appear in person for an interview and/or other assessments to determine whether they possess the necessary qualifications, competencies and personal qualities to successfully perform Aviation Safety Inspector duties. Applicants will be questioned about information on their application and will be required to show appropriate airman certificates, ratings, and pilot logbooks or other appropriate records of flight time to substantiate that the applicant meets the requirements of this announcement.Interviews for the Aviation Safety Inspector-General Aviation Maintenance positions are conducted at any National Centralized Hiring Process location.If contacted for an interview, interview travel expenses may be reimbursed.THE LINK BELOW WILL PROVIDE ADDITIONAL TIPS to assist in the application This is a bargaining unit position.Links to Important Information: Locality Pay , COLA

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