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Internship Title – An overview of the Dutch Downstream Space Market using an European Perspective

The Netherlands has a rich and spread eco-system in the area of downstream earth observation applications. A lot of start-up companies and SME’s are developing capabilities to provide information services using space data. A similar trend is going on at European level. The added value of space data is not always that obvious and requires change management for good adaptation. At the same time the expectations are high when it comes to the added value and thus a good economic outlook arises from these kind of services business.

To stimulate this development of services a lot of initiatives at European and at Member States level is happening. Initiatives for funding to support companies in their technology development, technology development of platforms to allow easy access, market development activities etcetera. To benefit with focus and utmost for the Netherlands from this, it is important to understand the situation around this downstream sector and align this on the Netherlands Space Office themes.

The conclude on a good overview for the Dutch situation and to have a “tool” to support policy making the following activities are proposed:

1. Assess the European Downstream Market report including supporting annexes;
2. Repeat this assessment for the Netherlands including the market and the supply chain;
3. Map the outcome on the focus themes of the NSO;
4. Conclude on gaps in the supply chain, main differences from the European identified market, maturity of the downstream market;
5. Identify the market opportunities for Dutch downstream industry to accelerate;
6. Identify European technology developments to connect to (e.g., DIAS, Digital Twin, etc.);
7. Identify potential available financial instruments to connect to a European or National level.

This memo aims mainly on the first 4 activities. In order to have these executed the spirit is to have this done by independent people that are not so familiar with the market. But especially can challenge the information they gather. It is decided to target two students for these activities. One with a more economic background for the financial justification and one more marketing background for especially the market demand analyses. Obviously SpaceNed will provide the necessary guidance to help them to consult the right sources and people. Also, NSO is willing to support them in creating understanding and linking them to (available) sources. The following sections are meant to describe the thesis subject.

Upstream and downstream
In the space industry, a space asset consists of a satellite (or a constellation of satellites) and the payload.
The satellite is the infrastructure to provide power to the payload and to maintain the defined orbit around the Earth. The payload is the specific part of the space asset that will realize the specific function of the satellite. Typically, the payload is a camera or a radio transmission set.

We traditionally consider into the upstream segment and the downstream segment of a space asset.
Upstream activities concerned with the basic infrastructure for launching the asset, designing, implementing, verifying and operating the satellite and payload.
Downstream activities make use of the data originating from the asset’s payload. Making use of the payload data may be a scientific, (e.g., space-based astronomy), meteorological (e.g., weather patterns), governmental (e.g., border control) or commercial.

SpaceNed believes that a healthy downstream market is essential for the whole space market. The downstream market pull will further drive the development of new satellites and payloads with more challenging requirements.

State of the European downstream market
EUSPA (the EU Agency for the Space Programme) has recently published a new version (2022) of the
EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report1, where Earth Observation (EO) and Global Navigation Satellite
System (GNSS) are two main categories of downstream applications. There setup of the report is as follows:

  • A general overview of the EO and GNSS market
  • A division into 17 (non-governmental) market segments, where per segment they describe: o An overview of the EO and GNSS applications for that segment o Examples of key market segment trends o User needs and the utilization of EO and GNSS in the segment from the users’ point of view o The industry value chain(s) with a non-exhaustive list of key stakeholders o Initiatives and examples of applications that have recently been implemented o Future market evolution forecasts

The 17 market segments are the following: Agriculture / Aviation and Drones / Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Natural Capital / Climate Services / Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health / Emergency
Management and Humanitarian Aid / Energy and Raw Materials / Environmental Monitoring / Fisheries and Aquaculture / Forestry / Infrastructure / Insurance and Finance / Maritime and Inland Waterways /
Rail / Road and Automotive / Space / Urban Development and Cultural Heritage.

The EUSPA Market Report provides a view on the state of art of the European downstream space market.
This provides insights in the demand and supply chain. For SpaceNed and the Netherlands Space Office
(NSO) a Dutch perspective would be highly relevant. The objective of the study is to analyze the Dutch situation for the EO applications for each segment as identified by EUSPA tailored to Dutch (or multinationals) organisations that are potential users of these (space) downstream application on one hand and on the other hand the Dutch companies from start-ups to corporates that are creating services in this downstream segment.

1 https://www.euspa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/uploads/euspa_market_report_2022.pdf

The study logic is defined by the following tasks:

  • An assessment of the EUSPA report2
  • Create a framework for a similar Downstream Market Report focused on EO for the Dutch specific situation.
  • A Dutch perspective of the segment characterization, where, in particular, we are interested in: o An overview of typical Dutch applications per segment, both potential and realized applications. o How these applications are mapped on the NSO priorities i.e.:
  • 1. Security and Strategic Autonomy
  • 2. Innovation and (green) growth
  • 3. Science and Inspiration
  • 4. Care for planet Earth o Key Dutch stakeholders. o The identified market demand from Dutch clients.
  • Benchmarking the Dutch situation against the European, both on the realized application side as well as on the stakeholder side.
  • Recommending actions for SpaceNed (NSO).

Required Profile:
We are looking for a positive, energetic person with the following requirements:

  • A self-starter and a disciplined personality;
  • Good analytical capabilities;
  • A curious mindset;
  • Hands-on mentality;
  • Not afraid to pick up the phone and communicate with different persons on different levels;
  • Good writing capabilities and some experience in writing rapports.

What we offer:

  • A paid internship, this will be discussed during the interview.
  • A chance to get to know one of the most exciting and dynamic sectors inside out!
  • A chance to work with professionals and learn from the best!
  • Travel expenses.
  • We have a small office in Noordwijk but working from home is possible.

Start date: TBD

More information: Hessel Kokke, M: 06 18703838

2 Related literature may include: https://www.evona.com/articles/the-space-sector-is-the-new-oil- industry https://spacegeneration.org/earth-observation-a-downstream-market-perspective

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