Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Jobs in Estancia – New Mexico – USA at SkyBridge Aviation

Title: Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic

Company: SkyBridge Aviation

Location: Estancia – New Mexico – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Airport/Airline, Maintenance/Cleaning

Location: Estancia

A&P Technician (Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic)

Assist with development of maintenance manual definition for vehicle systems and structures.

Assist with the spaceline GMM development and definition.

Support training program definition with direct input of hands-on knowledge from the vehicles via different mediums as appropriate.

Responsible for accomplishing assigned maintenance, preventive maintenance, and repair work on the space flight system vehicles.

Checks, dismantles, adjusts, overhauls, repairs, fabricates, removes, and installs all parts of aircraft, including propulsion systems (turbine & rocket), avionics equipment & instruments, fuel systems, ECS systems, life support systems and mechanical systems and hydraulic systems.

Performs machine tool work and/or composite repair work in connection with the above mechanic maintenance work.

Shall be required to return an aircraft to service after maintenance had been performed as allowed by the spaceline GMM and the privileges of the airframe and powerplant license.

Shall be required to complete and sign work records in connection with work performed.

Inspects parts, sub-assemblies and completed assemblies only to the extent necessary to determine, accomplish and approve own work.

Will be required to, but not limited to be working on base maintenance type workloads for the spaceline vehicles.

* The Employer retains the right to change or assign other duties to this position.

What you bring

Must have a valid FAA approved Airframe and Powerplant license (A&P License).

Must have a valid passport and able to obtain a drivers license.

Must be familiar with procedures applicable to the various phases of maintenance.

Preferred experience with rocket systems and associated solid and/or liquid propellants.

Experience with life support systems (crew and passenger).

Must be willing to travel and be on-call.

Must be able to obtain an AOA badge.

Preferred Skills and Experience

High school diploma or equivalent.

Minimum 2 years of college level education preferred.

Certifications or similar within aerospace, aviation or automotive.

Graduated from a technical college or other recognized apprenticeship.

Minimum 1-2 years line maintenance experience, 5 years experience is preferred.

Experience on narrow body and/or business jet aircraft preferred.

Experience with composite aircraft is preferred although not required (commercial or military aerospace application).

Must have the ability to assume responsibility for proper administration of policies and procedures.

Must be able to work under pressure and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Need to have experience with composite mods, wing & tail maintenance.

Need to have experience with system mods incorporating flight controls and landing gear.

Need to have experience with Interior mods to include floorboards, fuselage ribs, cabin liners, and carpet.

Physical and/or Additional


Must be able to work all shifts and available for overtime as well as weekends when needed.

Must be able to travel 25% or more of the time.

Must be able to stand for extended periods 8 hours min.

Must be able to stoop, bend, crawl, and being able to maneuver in tight spaces- 3+ hours min.

Physically able to handle items weighing up to 40lbs (unassisted).

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