Aircraft and Crew Manager (ACM) – Challenger 604 PIC (full-t… Jobs in San Luis Obispo at ACI Jet

Title: Aircraft and Crew Manager (ACM) – Challenger 604 PIC (full-t…

Company: ACI Jet

Location: San Luis Obispo



The Aircraft and Crew Manager (ACM) is responsible for the leadership, development, and maintenance of assigned aircraft. In addition, they will be responsible for performing duties as a Part 91/135 aircraft pilot in a safe and effective manner. This position will include operating applicable type rated aircraft on behalf of ACI Jet’s 135 Certificate while maintaining a positive and productive relationship with ACI Jet’s employees, vendors and clients by personally performing these duties. External applicants must reside within 90 minutes’ drive time of the San Luis Obispo, CA airport.

. Requirements:



Collaborate with ACI Jet Flight Operations Management and aircraft Owner to ensure complete operational success.

Responsible for the overall relationship with aircraft owner, and the owner’s satisfaction with the aircraft operation.

Oversees the aircraft owner’s travel, even when not assigned to the trip.

Recruits, or assists in the recruitment, of crewmembers for the assigned account.

Assigns crew to all aircraft operations and ensure a fair workload among crewmembers.

Responsible for the well-being, and retention, of the crew assigned to the account.

Responsible for ensuring crewmembers are competent in the performance of their duties.

Ensures the aircraft is properly outfitted for the client, and operations.

Oversees the maintenance of the aircraft in coordination with the Director of Maintenance.

Oversee and lead any aircraft modifications and / or upgrades to the aircraft.

Ensures revenue and expenses match owner expectations.

Verifies accuracy of monthly accounting invoices and completes monthly owner reports.

Completes all assigned tasks in a timely and high-quality manner.

Acts as a mentor to other pilots on the account helping them to develop professionally.

Fulfills duties and responsibilities as PIC/SIC when assigned.

Acts as a subject matter expert on the assigned aircraft type (maintains a high-level of proficiency and technical knowledge that exceeds that of other pilots on the account).

Monitors new information regarding assigned aircraft type and disseminates this information appropriately, with explanations if necessary (flight manual changes, avionics updates, Bombardier Advisory Wire, Gulfstream Journal, MOLs, FAA ADs, etc.….)

Responds to operational questions from Dispatch / Maintenance / Pilots in a timely manner, and if necessary, researches the subject to provide informed and adequate responses.

Operates ACI Jet aircraft in a safe and efficient manner while in compliance with all company rules and regulations, manufacturers’ limitations and manuals, governmental rules and regulations, and any other requirements of agencies having jurisdiction over the flight.

Coordinate with ACI Jet Flight Dispatch personnel to ensure that the goals and objectives relating to assigned flight operations are achieved and carried out in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.

Provide unparalleled courtesy, professionalism and customer service to ACI Jet Charter clients and owners.

Ensures that Electronic Flight Bag(s) (EFB) are kept current with the latest navigation and application dates.

Remain knowledgeable relative to the applicable portions of the ACI Jet Air Carrier Operations Manual (ACOM).

Thoroughly review and acknowledge revisions to the ACOM in a timely manner.

Ensure that a proper pre-flight…

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