Air Traffic Ctrl Spec Terminal – Palmdale, CA (PMD) Jobs in Palmdale at Serco North America

Title: Air Traffic Ctrl Spec Terminal – Palmdale, CA (PMD)

Company: Serco North America

Location: Palmdale

Position Description:

Are you an air traffic controller looking for a challenging and exciting career? Serco has a great opportunity for you located in Palmdale, CA! Serco Inc. along with our parent company Serco Group is the largest non-government provider of Air Traffic Control (ATC) services in the world. It is our goal to promote the development of aviation and provide safe, efficient and courteous service to our customers and users of our services. Bring your air traffic skills and join the best team.

Serco Inc. is a federal government contractor that provides air traffic control services at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Contract Towers (FCTs), Non-Federal Contract Towers (NFCT), Remote Air Traffic Control Towers and Ramp Control Services in 11 western states.

Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS) control air traffic on and within the vicinity of the airport according to established procedures and policies to prevent collisions and minimize delays arising from traffic congestion. They are responsible for the safe, orderly and expeditious movement of air traffic through the nation’s airspace. ATCS duties include:

Answering radio calls from arriving and departing aircraft.

Issuing landing/takeoff instructions.

Issuing information such as runway to use, wind velocity and direction, visibility, taxiing instructions, and pertinent data on other aircraft operating in vicinity.

Issuing air traffic clearances.

Providing advice based on their own observations and information from the National Weather – Service, IFR control facilities, flight service stations, pilots, and other sources.

Taking and disseminating weather observations at Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station (LAWRS) or Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station (SAWRS) facilities.

Transferring control to receiving facilities when aircraft leave their airspace and receiving control of aircraft coming into their airspace.

Operating various types of equipment such as: radios, telephones, interphones, computer systems, radar, recording systems, weather equipment, light guns, airport/runway lighting systems, and backup equipment.

Alerting airport emergency crews and other designated personnel when aircraft are having flight difficulties.

Coordinating with and issuing instructions to airport vehicles and personnel.

Maintaining and disseminating records of daily operations

Other duties as assigned

If you are interested in being part of a team that promotes the development of aviation and provides safe, efficient and courteous service to our customers and users of our services and you meet the requirements listed above, then submit your application now for immediate consideration. It only takes a few minutes and could change your career!

The rate of pay for this position is $35.36 per hour.


Applicants must:

Be available for work within 60 days.

Have a current FAA Class II Medical Certificate (FAA Form 8500-9).

A list of FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in your area can be found at: http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/.

Have (1) a copy of their last FAA Airman Certificate with a Control Tower Operator (CTO) Rating and in accordance with FAR 65.39, applicant “must have satisfactorily served as an air traffic control tower operator with a facility rating…for at least 6 months…”, or have (2) a copy of their last FAA Airman Certificate with a Credent…

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