Air Defense Battle Management System Operator Jobs in Orange City – Florida – USA at Army National Guard

Title: Air Defense Battle Management System Operator

Company: Army National Guard

Location: Orange City – Florida – USA

Type: Full Time

Category: Government, Airport/Airline

Position: 14G Air Defense Battle Management System Operator

Category:Heavy Weapons


Age Requirements:Must be between the ages of 17 and 35

Defend the skies using complex technology as an Air Defense Battle Management System Operator for the Army National Guard. You will primarily be responsible for integrating, operating, and maintaining multiple systems to detect aerial threats and communicate them to your crews.

In this role, you will learn how to operate the Sentinel Radar system to provide warning, detection, and protection for armed forces, and will play a vital role in guarding against aerial and space-based attacks.

Job Duties

• Movement, placement, operation, and maintenance of the Sentinel Radar system in various locations and environments

• Establish network interoperability with Allied, Joint, and other Air Defense units

• Collect, integrate, and process tactical battlefield information from multiple users and sensors through a network of Army and Joint-service automated battle command systems

• Provide airspace situational awareness, deconflict and clear airspace to ensure air superiority

• Evaluate intelligence data and identify targets, perform real-time status reporting during combat

• Provide early warning and conduct engagement operations to destroy incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar threats

Some of the Skills You’ll Learn

• Operating and maintaining the Sentinel Radar system and associated shelters

• Plan, coordinate, and establish connectivity in Air Defense Local and Wide Area networks (LAN/WAN)

• Maintenance and troubleshooting on electronic and mechanical components

• Utilize digital data and voice communications equipment

• Evaluate intelligence data for engagement operations

• Air Defense Artillery tactics, techniques, procedures, and air battle strategy

Helpful Skills

• Interest in work requiring accuracy and attention to detail

• Interest in technical electronic, mechanical, and computer systems

• Ability to multi-task and remain calm in stressful situations

• Ability to adapt to a wide range of working environments

• Ability to work as a team member

Through your training, you will develop the skills and experience to enjoy a civilian career as an electrician.

Earn While You Learn

Instead of paying to learn these skills, get paid to train. In the Army National Guard, you will learn these valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance.

Job training for an Air Defense Battle Management System Operator requires 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Job Requirements:


Paid training

A monthly paycheck

Montgomery GI Bill

Federal and State tuition assistance

Retirement benefits for part-time service

Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage)

401(k)-type savings plan

Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans)

Health care benefits available

VA home loans

Bonuses, if applicable

Most non-prior service candidates will earn between $200 and $250 per drill weekend, subject to change


Military enlistment in the Army National Guard

Must be at least a junior in high school, or have a high school diploma or a GED certificate

Must be between the ages of …


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