Air C2 Systems Engineer Job at Trillion Technology Solutions in Camp Pendleton, CA

Trillion Technology Solutions is hiring for a Air C2 Systems Engineer to join our team!

Location: Camp Pendleton, CA

***An active DoD Secret Clearance is required***

Air C2 Systems Engineer requirements:

Design Air C2 networks, and Tactical Data Link architectures (Link-16 Data and Voice, Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP) A/B/C) — estimate approximately 2 hours per day for 2 days per week, per test assuming 3 tests per month, totaling 12 estimated hours per month.
Operate Air C2 networks and Tactical Data Link architectures throughout a 40-hour work week between the core business hours of 0730-1630 Monday through Friday.
Participate in Air C2 network, Tactical Data Link architecture, and Air C2 systems integration meetings as required to discuss “Air C2 system level” connectivity/readiness in support of test events.
Setup Air C2 networks and Tactical Data Link Architectures (Aviation Command and Control System (AC2S), MRQ-13, Theatre Battle Management Core System (TBMCS), and Composite Tracking Network (CTN)) — estimate approximately 4 hours per day for 2 days per week, per test assuming 3 tests per month, totaling 24 potential hours per month.
Perform system administration on Aviation C2 systems.
Troubleshoot Aviation C2 systems, networks, and Tactical Data Links.
Perform voice operations on the AN/MRQ-13 Communication System, J-Voice via Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminal (MIDS-LVT).
Initialize and configure the AC2S for operations in accordance with the AC2S Technical Manual – estimate approximately 1 hour per day each day, totaling 30-31 potential hours per month.
Perform software and hardware maintenance on the AC2S, MRQ-13, TBMCS, and CTN. Software maintenance will include: conduct quarterly system rebuilds (5 day period start, software updates, and system administration tasks (user accounts, group policies, server services, etc.) – executed quarterly over a five day period. Hardware maintenance will entail testing and exchanging components, conducting preventative/corrective maintenance in accordance with 1st echelon maintenance SOP, and tracking electronically via GCSS (Global Combat Support System). The hardware maintenance occurs once every two weeks and requires between 8 – 12 hours total effort. Duties include:

Apply software release updates for C2 Systems
Schedule software release installation
Install software release updates
Test system software and applications
Backup data as required
Document as required (CDRL A001 DI-MISC-80508B)
Update firmware within C2 Systems
Verify version of firmware on C2 equipment
Update firmware to current fielded firmware version as required
Document changes as required (CDRL A001 DI-MISC-80508B)
Virtual machine configuration(red had, Linux & windows based).
Utilization of VMWare to include managing OVAs(open virtual application), templates, high availability fault tolerance, and resource allocation.
Emplacement and management of the physical network infrastructure

Initialize and configure the TBMCS for operations – estimate approximately 1 hour per day each day, totaling 30-31 potential hours per month.
Import air tasking order (ATO) data in TBMCS and ensure the ATO is accessible via TBMCS applications. Troubleshoot any error codes related to the ATO and delete the ATO from the system as required – estimate approximately 1 hour per test, assuming 3 tests per month, totaling 3 potential hours per month.
Initialize and configure the CTN for operations – estimate approximately 1 hour per day each day, totaling 30-31 potential hours per month. At the beginning and end of a test, the antenna mast must be erected and taken down respectively. Assuming 3 tests per month this adds an additional 3 hours per evolution, totaling a potential 18 additional hours per month.
Administer both Windows and LINUX based systems by ensuring that the most up-to-date version of the software is being utilized in accordance with the ATO and program office directives and downloading any appropriate patch necessary for full functionality.
Configure virtualized server computing environment as required – estimate approximately but not less than once per month.
Load and operate Simple Key Loader (SKL) and AN/PYQ (10) C fill devices in support of test events – estimate approximately 12 hours per month.
Load and operate handheld GPS devices such as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), AN/PSN-13B.
Perform data recovery on the TBMCS, CTN, AC2S, and MRQ-13 family of Aviation C2 systems – estimate approximately 6 hours per evolution, no more than once every 3 months.
Administer data system host security measures by implementing account management to limit users and using credential parameters for security measures, designating data pools to associated node necessities to add port security to the network, and limiting host privileges to ONLY the administrative client(s).
In accordance with MCTSSA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) conduct Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) and CMCC inventories of all classified hardware within the ACE lab and adjacent lot to ensure proper accountability. KMI/Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI) accountability would occur daily; Classified Material Control Custodian (CMCC) accountability would occur weekly; tracking of all assets in the ACE would occur quarterly.
IAW the MCTSSA SOP, perform opening and closing procedures for the ACE lab and ensure personnel adhere to MCTSSA security protocols within the ACE lab.
Conduct quality control for the aforementioned responsibilities which includes supervision of maintenance procedures, assuring that all tasks required to bring assets to a full operational status are tracked and logged within the GCSS-MC system, and supporting paperwork is properly filed.

Trillion is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are considered for positions without regard to race, religion, gender, native origin, age, disability, or any other category protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.


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