Administrative Assistant ($20.50/Hour + Flight Privileges) NK Job at Unifi Aviation, LLC – 3.1 in Dallas, TX

Individual tasks could include: maintaining employee and other records; screening jobs candidates and ensuring completion/routing of documents; processing applicant, new hire and employee transactions through the human resources information system; coordinating employee badging activities; managing employee uniform program; maintaining work schedules, billing processes, compiling reports; processing internal/external communications; coordinating audio and drug screening programs; assisting employees with benefit enrollment/ In some locations, the Administrative Assistant could also be responsible for interviewing candidates and/or assisting with ramp, cabin service, operations or training duties.

Essential Functions:
1. Maintain strict confidentiality of all station personnel records and any other employee information.

2. Ensure complete processing of employment applications and new-hire paperwork including occasionally, interviewing potential employees and keeping track of applicant information.

3.Maintain personnel records of active and inactive employees according to Company policy established by Human Resources.

4. Enter new hire information. personal data changes and payroll information into HRIS.

5. Collect fingerprints for the U.S Postal Service access approval.

6. Coordinate fingerprints and badging applications for Security identify Display Area access.

7. Manage employee uniform program.

8. Maintain schedules, compile reports, and prepare billing information.

9. Maintain OSHA records and administer on-the-job injury reporting/

10. Ensure required posting and corporate information are updated and displayed as required.

11. Open, Sort, and distribute incoming correspondence including faxes and email messages.

12. Process internal/external communications to correct person and/or department.

13. Coordinate hearing test and drug screening programs.



High School or better



Team Player: Works well as a member of a group

Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well

Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity



Ability to Make an Impact: Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization

Growth Opportunities: Inspired to perform well by the chance to take on more responsibility

Flexibility: Inspired to perform well when granted the ability to set your own schedule and goals

About the Company

Company: Unifi Aviation, LLC – 3.1

Company Location:  Dallas, TX

Estimated Salary: