ACOTA/GPOI Female Engagement Trainer Jobs in Arlington – Virginia – USA at IDS International

Title: ACOTA/GPOI Female Engagement Trainer

Company: IDS International

Location: Arlington – Virginia – USA

Type: Part Time, Internship

Category: Airport/Airline, Government

Female Engagement Team TrainerWhy IDS?IDS believes in resolving conflict and building innovative approaches to do so. Combining operational expertise with an intimate understanding of todays greatest challenges to bring our customers the solutions required for success in a complex and multidimensional world. We tailor solutions for a diverse range of government, military, nonprofit, and public-sector clients.

This is a standing role for a Female Engagement Team Trainer to support the peace operations training for African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA). The Senior Specialty Trainer Female Engagement Team Trainer will be the Team Leads principal trainer and mentor for the development of engagement teams within a battalion or unit in support of task irements. Engagement training and mentoring builds the capacity of those established teams/sections tasked with enhancing the battalions awareness by identifying, mapping, and engaging vulnerable and at-risk populations.

This role is a part-time training rotation role, requires travel to one of the African countries we operate in and is not an immediate hire.


Supervise the instruction of Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) soldier skills to African military units receiving training.

Responsible for ensuring development of POIs, lesson plans, and training support packages for individual and collective training as noted in each task order. Training shall support the preparation of partner country soldiers for the rigors of sustained PKO operations in Africa.

Ensure all training scenarios are based on the most current mission area information from Areas of Operation that African PKO battalions and brigades will deploy to.

Training will involve classroom and field instruction in austere environments. All classes shall be taught in the training language of the partner nation.



Minimum of ten (10) years U.S. or foreign military experience, including service after September 11, 2001.

Demonstrated military experience as a civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) practitioner. [CIMIC experience is defined as experience formally serving in a Civil Affairs unit and/or formal assignment annotated by dates and duration to an Engagement Team or CIMIC staff position in a maneuver unit. Candidates without these required assignment titles rience may only be considered acceptable with detailed evidence of demonstrated experience and expertise annotated by dates and duration conducting formal, structured, and stand-alone CIMIC and engagement operations as a primary function of their responsibilities.]

Relevant military operations or foreign security force (police or military) capacity building experience in the last 5 years.

At least one deployment to a combat, peacekeeping, or other contingency operation as part of a civil affairs, engagement, Human Terrain, or other CIMIC-related team.

French language proficiency. [Language proficiency is defined as limited speaking and reading proficiency, which generally comports to a ILR rating of 2:2, DLAB rating of 2:2, or State Department rating of S-2:




Completion of a U.S. or foreign equivalent recognized FET or civil affairs course for land forces.

Regional experience in Sub-Saharan Africa.

French language proficiency. [Language proficiency is defined as limited speaking and reading proficiency, which generally compor…


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